Riding Level 10

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Riding Level 10

Post  Lillycat on Tue Feb 03, 2009 1:56 pm

Riding Level 10 answers, and passing results in you getting... Nothing! Want something for passing this level? Go to Howrse Feedback site, and vote for all the suggestions for a reward when passing this level!

The book "Black Beauty" played a significant role in the development of today’s animal welfare laws and regulations

The mythical horse Shadowfax is from what famous series of novels?
The Lord of the Rings

Seabiscuit was a famous Show Jumper.

What part of the horse is the poll?
The part of the neck behind the horse’s ears

What was the name of Roy Rogers’ famous Horse?

A Hand is:
Four inches
Ten centimetres

What races comprise the Canadian Triple Crown?
Queen’s Plate
Breeder’s Stakes
Prince of Wales Stakes

Draft horses are the second strongest animals in the world, the first strongest being the elephant

What is a snip
A small mark on the muzzle

Thoroughbreds are considered one year older on which two dates (one for the northern hemisphere, one for the southern)?
January the first
August the first

Most American Mustangs reside on an HMA. What does HMA stand for?
Herd Management Area

What is the oldest breed of horse?
Mongolian Wild Horse


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