Riding Level 2 - Riding Instructor

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Riding Level 2 - Riding Instructor

Post  Lillycat on Tue Feb 03, 2009 1:46 pm

These are the answers for Riding Level 2, for the job of Riding Instructor.

When you tie your horse to a post, you should:
Tie a loose knot that will give if he spooks or runs

Horses that are frequently exercised need what? When leading a horse, you should walk directly in front of it to show it where to go:

A horse should have access to fresh, clean water at all times:

What is a curry comb
A tool made of rubber or plastic with short teeth on one side

A horse can get upset if it is separated from it’s herd:

Which season of the year would a horse need a Blanket?

When walking behind a horse, you should do which of the following?
Stand at least 6 feet behind the horse
Talk softly to the horse so it knows where you are

If a horse’s ears are slanted backwards, it indicates he is:

How often should a horse’s stall be cleaned if the horse is in it frequently?

When you clip or shave off a section of the horse’s mane right behind it’s ears, this is called a:
Bridle path

What are some common indications that a horse is bored when left in his stall?
All of these

When walking behind a horse you should?
Talk to it softly so it knows you are there

What is the basic harness item you should use to move your horse from one place to another?

When leading a horse, you should walk directly in front of it to show it where to go?


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