Corrupt A Wish Game!

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Corrupt A Wish Game!

Post  Lillycat on Wed Jan 14, 2009 2:53 pm

Here's how it works. I will wish for something, then the next person will say, "Granted, but.." And then something negative happens. After that, say what you wish for and the next person to post will say "Wish granted, but.."
Here's an example:

Person 1: I wish I had a horse!
Person 2. Wish granted, but your horse is a huge, mean stallion that cannot be ridden. You try to ride him, but he bucks you off and you are on crutches for a month and a half with a broken leg. I wish that I had a pool in my backyard.
Person 3: Granted, but your pool is only 2 feet deep! I wish I had a million dollars.
Person 4: Wish granted, but somebody steals it all from you. I wish..

Then so on and so forth. Get it?
Here, I'll start!

I wish that my pony wasn't so small that I can't ride him anymore Sad

(Your turn now!)


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